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Hunger Smoked

Donate to the Hunger Smoked effort here 

Another year has passed! Hard to believe we are now in our fifth year!

Hunger Smoked is a group of BBQ competitors, restaurants, charities, friends and family, that come together to provide a home cooked meal for the New Year for the homeless. Not just any home cooked meal, but BBQ.


What can you do? A donation of any amount would help us tremendously.  Or, you can look at our post on Hunger Smoked and there is a list of items needed. Anything without a name next to it is still needed. 


This all started several years ago, with Mic Stanfield cooking for a group of adults living in tents in Rhode Island. The number of adults was approximately 15. Three years ago, he contacted Father BillsBoston homeless shelter and we were able to provide food for around 200 people. Two years when he contacted them, we discussed cooking for both Father Bill locations, one in Quincy and one in Brockton. The total number of people provided for was approximately 350 and 400 meals.


Several people came together.  Most of the food was donated by businesses and individuals. Amazing when people come together! Just to give a few numbers 24 pork butts and around 1000 cookies (all home made!) We also had beans and coleslaw and hundreds of rolls.  


Last year we provided meals for the the McAuley Ministries of Rhode Island.

This years shelters will be updated soon, we are working out the details now and expect to feed even more people this year! 


If you are interested in helping, send Mic a message, donate here, or offer donate one of our listed items - please contact us to discuss items. Anyone wishing to contribute or volunteer time is welcome to join us for prepping, cooking, delivery, etc! 

Any act of kindness, no matter how great or small, is always welcome.

Donate to the Hunger Smoked effort here
(If you are a member of NEBS, sign in to save time. If you are not a member, just scroll down and fill out the form.)

Questions?  Mic Stanfield can be reached via Facebook, Messenger, Email or via cell at 617-359-6421.