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The NEBS Team of the Year (TOY) is a recognition program that honors BBQ competitors that have been top performers throughout the barbecue season.

Check out our new TOY page with automatic weekly updates!

Starting in 2020, Tailgate and NEBS Grilling events have been combined to count for the Ken Dakai Cup.

The TOY program covers three different kinds of events:
  • KCBS Sanctioned Barbecue Contests in the following states: ME, VT, MA, RI, CT, NY, NJ, NH and PA
  • All NEBS sanctioned Outdoor Cooking Contests including 4 category grilling contests and 2 category Tailgate contests
  • All NEBS sanctioned Kid's Q Contests and KCBS Kid's Q events listed with NEBS
NEBS Team of the Year is open to all NEBS members, however head cooks must register before September 1st 2020 to be eligible.

Awards for achievements will be presented during a ceremony at the NEBS Annual meeting in January.  Due to the limited number of contests occuring this year, NEBS may eliminate some of the races for 2020.

Full Team of the Year Rules: NEBS 2020 TOY Rules
For 2020, NEBS Grilling Events and Tailgate are combined for the Ken Dakai Cup

The new TOY Page is here

Team of the Year Results Prior to 2020: All Results