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NEBS contests (Tailgate, Classic, and Kid's Q) require sanctioning by NEBS to make them official events so competitors can accumulate points for the Team of the Year program.

Other types of contests (Amateur, KCBS) do not require NEBS sanctioning (unless combined with a NEBS contest at the same event) but can be listed by NEBS to help promote the event.

Whether you are sanctioning or listing an event, the process and costs are the same, with one exception.   Sanctioned contests require a Cook's Packet to be reviewed and approved by NEBS.  Listed contests don't require a Cook's Packet, but organizers are encouraged to submit one anyway, as the review process can often catch errors or suggest areas in which team communication can be improved.


The Gold Event listing includes the following gold features:

  • Announcement as a news post on the home page
  • An additional social media post, the timing and content of which can be chosen by the organizer
  • Inclusion in NEBS emails (if listed early enough)
  • NEBS will host cook's packets, team and judge applications on if requested by the organizer
  • Inclusion in the bottom banner ad rotation on the NEBS site
  • An announcement on NEBS social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter) at the time the event is listed
  • Inclusion in NEBS "Coming this month" social media posts (if listed early enough)
  • An entry on the NEBS event calendar with:
  • Contact Information
  • Location
  • A description of the event
  • A link to the event web site, if there is one
  • A statement of eligibility (Which TOY points, if any, a competition is eligible for)
  • A listing of the event in the National BBQ News, provided the contest is listed early enough to meet NBN publishing deadlines. (60 days recommended)
$50 - Gold Contest Listing