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NEBS Voting

NEBS Members receive voting privileges to determine the composition of the Board of Directors and potentially other issues that affect NEBS.   All members are allowed to vote, including primary and secondary members.

National Barbecue News

Primary members receive a subscription to our newsletter the National Barbecue News.  This is available in both a hardcopy and digital form, and published every other month.  The National Barbecue News contains information from NEBS, other regional barbecue associations, and items of national interest in the barbecue community.

Team of the Year

The NEBS Team of the Year is a recognition program for regional competitors.  Competitors entering KCBS, NEBS Classic, NEBS Tailgate, and Kid's Q contests are honored and recognized for their achievements.   There is also recognition for the best new team under the Rookie of the Year program.   NEBS Team of the Year awards occur at the annual NEBS meeting in January, and require annual registration to participate.   Please see the rules on this website for details.

BBQ Community

NEBS encourages connections between the general public, BBQ competitors, judges, contest organizers, and food service vendors.  Our online forum and social events help keep you connected to the BBQ scene in the northeast.

Vendor Discounts

Some vendors offer discounts to NEBS members.   Check this site frequently for details.


NEBS is a 501(c)3 non-profit.   Our primary mission is to encourage the BBQ lifestyle and to educate and communicate items of interest the BBQ community.  NEBS also donate to and perform volunteer work for other qualified non-profits both nationally and in the northeast, especially when those non-profits use BBQ as a way of achieving their own mission. 

Contest Assistance

NEBS helps organizers create and draw BBQ competitors, judges, and the general public to contests and other types of BBQ events.  NEBS works with both Kansas City Barbecue Society sanctioned events that occur in the northeast, as well as sanctioning our own outdoor cooking and grilling, tailgate, and Kid's Q events.   The NEBS Sanctioning Committee provides advice and cook's packet review services for contest organizers.

Non-Profit Status

NEBS is a 501(c)3 non-profit, and your membership may be tax deductible.  Please check with your tax preparer.